Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday

Today is beautiful out... finally, I mean it's only May.  Considering the sun is finally out I decided todays song selection needs to reflect that.  Ben Harper is one of my absolute favorites and his sound gets you ready for summer.  If you're a fan of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and the likes, then you'll love Ben Harper.  

The video is Ben playing live at Bonnaroo--
which you all know I'm dying to go to.  
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Need Ideas...

So now that I'm home from traveling the country, my life seems a lot slower and definitely boring at times. As of now, I do not have a job, so my days are filled with a whole lotta nothing.  I wanted to do something special to always remind me of my amazing year, but I'm stuck on what to do.  So, I need ideas!

I recently came across this,
and thought about getting a map of the United States, and some way marking each place I visited, then put it in a cute frame like this one!

Also, being a crafter, I'm a huge fan of Mod Podge.  I saved all my plane tickets from the entire year, and thought about Mod Podging them onto a canvas. Kind of like this
but more organized and with plane tickets, so the items will look more similar. 

I also collected bumper stickers from each university (except for 2--i forgot!), so I thought about making a collage of some sort, but don't really think I'd want to hang that in my room or house... maybe an office one day!

I collected other things and will be putting together a scrapbook, but I wanted to be more creative.  So any help or ideas would be welcomed!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Monday

Today's Music Monday features one of my favorites, "Ophelia" by The Band.  
The Band is made up of some of the most talented musicians 
and does not get enough credit.
This video is from "The Last Waltz," the last concert put on by the bands original members and one of the greatest music documentaries of all time.


Back to Reality

I haven't blogged in a few days... if you did read my last post, you read that I just came home Tuesday from over 9 months of traveling the country.  I've spent the past few days unpacking, organizing my room/closet, going on interviews, and attending the bachelorette party & shower for the wedding I'm in this  June.

Me with the bride.
Bride with her bridesmaids!
At the shower.
So the crazy weekend is over, and now everyone's back to work and school and I'm sitting here watching Rachael Ray thinking, "I need a job."  While last week was nice and relaxing, I'm already getting antsy and bored with being at home.  I had a feeling this would happen.  I had some interviews last week & hopefully some follow ups this week (cross your fingers!).  Wish me luck!