Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whisper words of wisdom...

As excited and anxious I am to begin this new journey, I know I also need to prepare myself for the tough, overwhelmed, lonely days I have ahead. What am I going to do when my mom’s at work, my sister is at school, and my friends are out? Who and am I going to turn too, to remind myself its okay? Yes, I know I am probably over reacting a little about this loneliness, but I still wonder. I obviously know all my other TLC sisters will be there to vent to, listen to, cry to, and laugh with, because they will be going through the same things as me, but still there are times when you just need to be in a comfortable place doing something you love.

Well, I guess I know one thing that can always calm me and make me feel better…and that’s music. Music is so special because it can take you back to so many happy times and remind you of great memories within seconds. For those times when I just miss home, my family, and friends, I know I can turn to just about any country song and immediately feel comfort. I can be reminded back to when I was a little kid, or of a concert I recently went to with all my friends, either way, I can’t help myself but smile. I love all country, but recently my favorite has been Zac Brown Band. I just love his voice and the way the music makes you feel.

Aside from missing home and country music, The Beatles pretty much get me through life. I can’t even explain to you how the music makes me feel. I will definitely admit that I was born in the wrong decade, and growing up in the 60s would have been much more suitable for me. Not just the music, but also the fashion, attitudes, lifestyle, and the freedom that was portrayed during this time to me are just so much better. Anyway, back to The Beatles. You can’t find four musicians today who are as talented and artistic as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The music has so much meaning, both expressed and hidden, but if you dig deep, the music is so relatable. It truly just clears your mind and fills it with endless possibilities.

Along with The Beatles, I love Bob Dylan, OAR, southern rock, MGMT, and many others… But in the end, the Fab Four are the ones who really know me and know how to make anything better, and I’ll forever be thankful for that!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

July... HURRY!

So many things have been happening that are making this whole experience finally seem real! First my mom and Tommy gave me an iPad for graduation, and now I received an amazing set of luggage from the Demko's and Tanya! I must say it's perfect! There is the large piece and a smaller carry on with wheels! AND a great matching Java Blue Vera Bradley duffle bag and matching travel organizer! I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to fit in everything I need, but I have been slowly purchasing new clothes that I can match with at least three others (any reason I can find to buy new clothes, I'm going to go with it...).

My amazing Delta Iota sisters got me this cute laptop case from Crown & Co, and my sister got me these cute note cards to take with me! And, I just picked up this great turquoise scarf for $10 at the Boston airport!

So yesterday I FINALLY received my TLC package I have been anxiously awaiting. In in I found The Ready, Set, Recruit! binder (which I'm anxious to look at because we didn't have that when I was VPIII), and a nice welcome letter from Sarah telling us basically everything we need to know about the upcoming year, and YES this included how and what to pack! It also had a food preference paper and chapter request form! On my list so far is the University of Houston, New Mexico State, University of California at Fullerton, and Middle Tennessee State University!

I must say that there are days when I'm nervous and sad about leaving, however when days like this come it reminds me that it is all so worth it. It lets me know that what I'm doing is SO important and I will hopefully make a positive impact on all the chapters I visit. I also hope to learn as much as I can from the chapters I visit, all the amazing ladies involved with ZTA and my fellow TLC sisters!

It's All Happening...

My first post simply talked about the past four years in my life. So now, I figured I'd explain what I'll be doing for the next year! Throughout my time in college I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. I served as VPIII Membership, President, Assistant New Member Coordinator, and many other smaller positions. Well, because of all I got out of ZTA, I felt like I needed to give back.

In November I applied to be a "Traveling Leadership Consultant." The application was long and I stopped numerous times. However something kept me going. I received an email in January letting me know I received an interview, and finally had my interview in the end of March (I was second to last!). The interview went AMAZING. About three hours long, just talking with Mrs. Ensor (executive director of ZTA). I must say I had a feeling at the end that I got the job. She told me so many amazing things that even if I hadn't of gotten the position, I would have been happy just meeting her and hearing all the positive things she had to say about myself and my chapter. I was told to expect a phone call within in the next few weeks. Well, when I was sitting in Gemmell about five days later and saw that Zeta Tau Alpha was calling me I began to panic. My first thought: "Great, I'm getting the reject phone call right now." But to my surprise it was a phone call offering me the job, and of course I said YES!

Within minutes I saw our adviser, Erin, and she could just tell by the smile on my face that I had good news. She ran up and gave me a huge hug, both of us on the verge of tears. The next step was telling my chapter. I can't even thank those girls enough for all the amazing support they have given me throughout the years. Erin felt this was something special so it deserved a candle pass. After our meeting on Monday, all us girls got in a circle, passed a candle, and whoever blew it out had good news. Well, of course I was the fourth person to get the candle so it wasn't all that exciting, but the girls still ran and congratulated me. It was one of the best feelings I've ever had.

So now after all that, I'm finally getting to what I will actually be doing. Starting July 6, I will be heading to New Orleans for ZTA's Convention. This is such an amazing time for Zeta's because everyone gets together and learns the importance of this amazing fraternity. I will be working early mornings and late nights throughout the week helping put the entire event together. However, I know I will have nothing to complain about. It's such an amazing experience and will give me the chance to bond with my fellow TLC sisters! I was also chosen to be one of six who participate in the initiation service. This is a huge honor to take part in this service in front of everyone at Convention! Not to mention we will be initiating the wife of the head coach of the Washington Redskins!

After the week at Convention, I come home for a couple weeks and leave for good on July 23. I head off to Indianapolis until August 7 for an intense 2 week training period! And I leave to begin my year from there! I will be heading to chapters all across the United States assisting them in any way they may need. I will give them tips, advice, and ideas, help them if they are struggling with recruitment, ideas to strengthen membership retention, congratulate them on their success, or even just give them that extra push they need to achieve greatness. I have such a passion for helping these struggling chapters because that is the type of chapter I come from. For the past four years I, along with the other girls, have worked to constantly make our chapter better. And I must say we have come a long way since 2006. Almost at Crown Chapter!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be letting you know more about my duties as I learn them! Until then... <3