Friday, October 29, 2010

So many FUN things happening this FALL!

Today was one of those days that gets every TLC going crazy... we received an email of our NEW SCHEDULE!

Before I get to the schools I will be visiting, I'll give a little update on my last few visits. I went to Lock Haven in PA and helped with their recruitment. They (hopefully) got 5 more new members giving them a total of 9! One of the girls just got a baby kitten named Elliott and he looked just like Chloe! Of course I LOVED him!

After Lock Haven I got to come home for the day because it was Meg's 18th Birthday party! I can't even believe she is allowed to be an adult...SCARY. Her party was fun, all the kids had a good time bowling!

After being home for a day I went to Robert Morris University in Moon, PA. The girls were great and had a cute little Chapter suite on campus. RMU had an overflow of students so they sent them to live at the Holiday Inn, which is where I stayed! It was nice I had my own hotel room during my stay! I did a lot of officer training while I was there and last night we went bowling! I'm really not the best bowler in the world but I did improve after each game! I started out with a 50, yes horrible I know, my second game I bowled a 98 and the third I bowled a 111! On Wednesday night I went to the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert! It was AMAZING! I even got to meet the guitarist and get a pic : ) I was very happy. If you've never heard of them go on youtube and watch the clips from the shows NOW! I also went to the pumpkin farm with my family!

I left RMU bright and early on Friday and had a very productive day! I got all packed, checked out of the hotel, turned in my absented ballot (VOTE!), met my uncle Rich for lunch, went to the post office, and bought a much needed pair of mittens! All before I left for Bethany at 1pm! The campus here is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's a very old school with only about 800 students. Greek Life is huge and most of the chapters here are one of the first 20 founded in their fraternity/sorority. Delta Tau Delta was actually founded at Bethany! ZTA's chapter here is Theta, which is the 8th oldest chapter in our history! Six of the fraternities and sororities have houses on "Greek Hill" and the other two fraternities have houses in town. I plan on taking a walk around this week so expect pictures!

Ok, so now on to the exciting stuff...where I'm going next! After Bethany, I leave on Wednesday and head to Radford University in Virginia. Tommy actually had one of his basketball players from Quaker Valley go there to play basketball! I'm leave Radford Nov. 9th and head to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Megan's ex boyfriend Jon plays football there so I'm hoping to run into him! Both schools in Virginia seem nice and the weather shouldn't be too bad! After James Madison I head to Mississippi State in Starkville Mississippi! FINALLY a Big, Beautiful Chapter House!!!! I've been waiting since I started traveling for this! Look how pretty:

After Mississippi State I get to come home for Thanksgiving break from Nov 20-28th. I get to eat some good food (no meat of course ;) ), relax and visit friends and family. Once my week of rest is over I'm off to East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. And I must be lucky this month because check out this house I'll be staying at:

After East Carolina I visit at Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory, North Carolina for about 5 days then fly back to Pittsburgh for Christmas break : ) I know it's all going to go by super fast but it should be tons of fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long Awaited Fall Break : )

I had my fall break from October 1-October 12 and I spent my first two days at the wonderful Autumn Leaf Festival at Clarion! It was my first ALF as an ALUMNI! UGHHH. I literally got into Pittsburgh, Tanya and Meg picked me up, I stopped to say hello to my mother, packed my bag and was on my way to Clarion. As soon as I got into town and saw that "Welcome to the 2010 Autumn Leaf Festival" I immediately felt at home and became the happiest person ever. The rude friends that I have thought it would be funny to act like they didn't even care that I was there and all ignored me when I walked in the door! But after a minute I got lots of hugs : ) I was FINALLY reunited with my Roomies and best friends!

I had such a great time that weekend and it made me miss being in college and at Clarion so much. Being a grown up is NO FUN! The wild and crazy things that took place while in college are no longer acceptable and I don't really think I like it! I was so excited I got to see most of my Zetas! My little had a cook out at her house so Danielle and I went over for a little so I could visit everyone!

And later that night look who came to visit:

I was so excited I got to spend time with Lauren, Tyler, Biz and Jordan! On Saturday Uncle Rich, Aunt Char, and Richie came up for the parade so I got to see them too! Richie is such a little stinker and so cute.

After a nice long weekend in Clarion I came back home and watched my FIRST Steeler game of the season in our newly remodeled basement with my family and cats. I spent most of my time at home, then found out my break was extended from Saturday morning to Tuesday! I was FINALLY reunited with Kel, Erin, Chels and Britt and we had a long awaited girls night at the Casino. Of course it was filled with good food, drinks, and lots of craziness... and brit won like $47. I just loved my outfit and hair that night... new shirt and I actually curled my hair!

The next night I saw Kels and Kurts cute little house in Mt. Washington. Im so happy for them and love them so much! We went out to the southside and had lots of fun at Charlie Murdochs (thanks to Joe) and Jimmy D's. It was also John Lennon's 70th Birthday so of course I wore my Beatles tank out to the bar!

Sunday I wrapped up the weekend by going to Kev's house for his nephew Orion's 1st birthday party! It seems like just yesterday that I was at his baptism. Orion lives in Illinois so Kev and his family don't get to see him much. He is so adorable and just starting to walk!

Im now at Lock Haven University of PA and will be here until Saturday. And tomorrow is Meg's 18TH BIRTHDAY! AHHH she should not be an adult yet. Her family birthday party is Saturday at Nesbit's and I really wish I could go : ( I'm crossing my fingers some changes happen and I get to stop at home first! My next visit is Robert Morris, which is like a tease because it's SO CLOSE to home, and then I visit Bethany College in Bethany, WV. From what I hear there is absolutely nothing in Bethany, but it is the Theta Chapter, which is pretty cool because it's one of the oldest active chapters!

So hopefully that gets me up to date with my life! I'm really trying to get better with this, but honestly, I forget I even have a blog most days! <3

Traveling the beautiful state of... PENNSYLVANIA?!

So I must admit, when I first started this job I thought I would have this glamourous life traveling the beautiful United States. Little did I know I would be spending a month in Georgia, and over a month in PENNSYLVANIA, my home state! Ok so I did spend a week in Dayton, Ohio as well with the lovely ladies at Wright State too (and I got to see Stephanie and go to the Greene! After my last visit in Georgia (Georgia Southwestern) I headed to Kutztown University, which is between Allentown and Reading. I was here for about two weeks and had an AMAZING time with these girls. They were so welcoming and fun.

Not only was the chapter great, but I also experienced one of the best things of my life... Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a Stick! Shaina told me about this great little ice cream place, Pops, and about this delicious dessert!

After Kutztown I visited Wright State for a few days. This visit was much shorter than my previous ones. Before I left the girls gave me this cute basket of all things made only in Ohio! So thoughtful : )

So far I haven enjoyed my travels. I am finding out that I don't have the glamorous life like I thought I would, and I miss my friends and family way too much. It is an amazing experience though and I get to meet people and visit places I would of never gone otherwise. It's always a plus when I get some fun goodies and meaningful thank you notes...reminds me why I took this job in the first place!