Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Leaf Festival

I think everyone in the world knows how much I love Clarion--the town, the university, the scenery, it's all completely perfect to me. I spent four amazing years there and I still think about all the memories, friends I made and skills I learned. The Autumn Leaf Festival has been going on forever (I'm not going to even try and guess the year it started). My family used to take me up when I was younger--one year Chris Kirkpatrick from N'SYNC, a Clarion local, was in the parade--I obviously attended while I was in school, and now I've gone back the past 3 years as an alumni.

It's become something that I look forward to every year. My roommates and best friends from college and I get a hotel room, go up Friday to walk around the craft show, eat at our favorite places, enjoy a few or maybe more than a few beers at our favorite bars, and wake up anxious to talk about the night before--something that we always loved doing when we were in college.

Since so many of my family members attended Clarion, and almost all of them were Greek, it's always exciting for us to go back and visit with sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, meet the new people in the chapter, and see the floats in the parade! Seeing all the beautiful new members and hearing all the amazing things the chapter is doing always makes me so proud of my Zeta Tau Alpha sisters! Three Zeta's were on Homecoming Court this year and of course a Zeta was crowned Queen!

Seriously though, even if you didn't go to Clarion, ALF is definitely worth a visit. Actually the drive alone is worth it--all the leaves are changing and it's just so peaceful. And make sure you get a Poorman's Caramel Apple, Vinny's Buck-A-Slice, a beer at the Loomis, wings at Toby, and maybe a coozie from the school store. Ahhh I'm already counting down the days until next year :)
Photo by Clarion University 
Photo by Clarion University - ZTA and TKE Float
Photo by Clarion University
Roommates! Excuse the hotel room-haha!
Drive to Clarion.
Outside of our "home," 518 South.
My handsome cousin Caden!
The Loomis.
iPhone photo-Kev.
My mom and Uncle Rich--founder of KDR at Clarion!
Being silly with my cousin Richie!
More great pictures on the Clarion University Facebook page.

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