Friday, November 16, 2012


Asheville, North Carolina is the most magical town. I completely enjoyed every minute of my trip. There was so much to see and do and everything was so unique and beautiful. My sorority sister and I drove down to visit another sister who is getting married in May! It was so good to catch up and the drive was easy. 

Friday night we walked around downtown Asheville, saw the infamous drum circle, had some great beers then boarded the LaZoom tour bus and got to see all the "haunted" places in Asheville. We did almost get into a fight because of these older drunk ladies who sat behind us. Later that night the tour guide said they were the most obnoxious people he's ever dealt with. Figures. We had my fav, Mellow Mushroom--I wish we had some up north! I also learned why Asheville is "Beer City USA."

Saturday was filled with shopping and relaxing in and eating P.F. Changs. Sunday we went to see the wedding site at Lake Lure, bridesmaid dress shopping, wine tasting at The Biltmore, and had dinner at the Bier Garden. We found the most perfect dress, I bought four bottles of wine, and beat 3 boys in the basketball shoot out game with a high score of 74! So, I'd say it was a successful night. 

The weekend went too fast, but it was filled with lots of laughs, amazing street music, smiles, good drinks, great food and lots of storytelling and memory re-living. It was perfect. See you in May, Asheville!
Downtown Asheville drum circle
LaZoom Haunted Comedy Tour
Ash, me and Court!
Our tour guide was the best!
Mellow Mushroom
This guy.
Pretty house--and the "L" I made them!
At L.O.F.T.
At L.O.F.T.
At L.O.F.T.
At L.O.F.T.
Beautiful day.
These guys were amazing.
Lake Lure
Bride and bridesmaids!
Wine tasting at the Biltmore

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