Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rachael Ray Show

I had the awesome experience of going to the Rachael Ray Show two weekends ago! I've been going back and forth with this post for this reason:  Rachael.

The audience was small and we were part of the taping of the new season--this means we were one of the first audiences to see her new set! Which is awesome by the way. But, because of the small audience, and probably the fact that we were front and center, we really got to see and hear Rachael. Everyone knows about Rachael Ray, happy, smiling all the time, scratchy voice, and not built like a supermodel. Well, two our of four ain't bad. I guess you could say she was smiling all the time on air--behind the scenes was a different story. I went with my friend Kaitlyn and two other girls, and we were all completely surprised with her attitude. I'm sure her life can get stressful, but come on, you're Rachael Ray! I'll never forget the poor young man who was very clearly in a low-level job--she had no patience, raised her voice and was down right rude to this poor boy. 

Like seriously, Rach--you're devoted fans are here watching you and you're constantly disappointing them with the bad attitude towards your staff. I just don't get people like that. Anywho, we got to see some fun recipes, fall fashion modeled on audience members, and celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson. He had the cutest outfit on and was so happy to be there. Regardless of Rach's tude problem, we still had an awesome time! And I'm very thankful for my great friend to think of taking me with her : )

Here we are--same row as Rachael, I'm second to the right (blue dress, long blonde hair). And of course, we spent the day in New York City.
Before the show!
A little bit of Pittsburgh love to our host.
Her studio is right by FIT.
West Village

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  1. Ooh, inside scoop on the drama... love it! Sounds like you had a great time regardless of the diva behavior :)

    xo Lilly