Friday, September 6, 2013

My Apartment!

I've been waiting until my apartment was pretty much decorated and I was fully moved in before I shared pictures--and I finally feel ready to post some! There's still some things to hang, curtains to put up, and things to be organized, but for the most part it's ready to go--and I love it! It's the second floor of a house in the Regent Square area of Pittsburgh. There's a nice back yard, parking, a front porch, and back deck. And most importantly, Chloe is allowed :) Here are some of my favorite parts of my new place:
Now there's a table there!
Obsessed with the deck. Chairs were $8 from Fleatique--didn't even have to paint them!
Back deck at night--lanterns and mason jars=happiness.
Old box and bottles from the Fleatique.
Ikea cart turned into a bar cart.
Kitchen chalkboard--no longer says "Hello Summer"
Bathroom wall.
Bathroom window fabric scrap valance I made--and little bird clips from L.O.F.T. in Asheville.
Vintage magazine rack found at the Fleatique--perfect for records!
Cubes in the living room--filled with books, pictures, records, and candles!
And this little lover--Lucy, the neighborhood cat!

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