Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I guess this is kind of like a "Part II" to my post about the Strip District. If you keep on driving down Penn Avenue and veer to the left, you'll find yourself on Butler Street and in a little part of the city called Lawrenceville. This area is definitely on the rise and always has new restaurants and boutiques. It's a pretty "hip" area with tons of character. Every time I walk or drive down the street, I always tell myself that I MUST come here more often--but somehow that thought always gets pushed to the back of my brain/to-do list. Well, as I was again hanging up posters, I decided to take some time to really take in the area--the beautiful flowers, the fun shops, the smell of delicious food--it was all surrounding me just begging me to stay, but duty calls and I needed to continue with my "work" instead. If you check out my Visit Pittsburgh tab you'll notice that some of my favorite places are located in Lawrenceville, my absolute favorite being Wildcard. I am a paper and stationary freak, so this is like heaven to me. So, next time you're looking for something to do--head to "LoLa" in the late afternoon, do some shopping, stay for dinner, catch a show and have some drinks. You'll be happy that you did!
Pretty wrapping paper at Wildcard.
Ahhh heaven.
PS. Go visit one of my favorite blogs, Bleubird Vintage, and check out her wedding video. It's perfect!

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