Thursday, May 10, 2012

Veggie Pizza

I made "Veggie Pizza" over the weekend to take to my cousin's 1st Holy Communion. As always, it's a big hit. This is my mom's recipe, but I usually take over and make it. It's pretty simple and standard, but for some reason I always end up liking this recipe the best! I've tried veggie pizza with an Italian dressing mix and it just doesn't taste the same. Here's what to do:

2 tubes of crescent rolls
2-cups cheese (I usually use cheddar or mozzarella)
1-cup Hellman's mayonnaise
1/4-cup sour cream
2-8 oz cream cheese
1-ranch dressing mix
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
Fresh broccohli
Fresh cauliflower (I try to by the pre-chopped mixed bag)
Spray a tray with cooking spray, then use your fingers to spread out the crescent roll dough. I always use both of the tubes--you'll find that it might seem like you have some left over, but use it to fill in the thin parts. This doesn't have to look pretty--it will be covered with veggies! Follow the directons on the cresent roll tube for the baking time and temperature.
While the dough is baking, use this time to cut up all your veggies!
Take your dough out of the oven--make sure it is completely cool before you start putting on the toppings--the heat will cause the sauce to get runny.
For the "sauce" part--beat the cream cheese, sour cream, mayo and ranch dressing packet until the mixture is pretty smooth. Be sure to taste, sometimes I add a more of something if the taste isn't right.
Once the dough is cooled, spread the sauce across the dough.
Sprinkle on your veggies and the cheese!
I made two pizza's on Sunday--one with mozzarella and one with cheddar cheese!
Simple as that!

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