Tuesday, March 5, 2013


One week ago today I went to my first "hot" yoga class at Yoga Flow in Murrysville. I had done yoga before, took a couple classes and did some workouts at home, so I was fairly confident that I would do okay. But when you walk into that hot room--I'm talking hot--like you rest and sit on your butt and you're still dripping sweat--all bets are off. It was harder, longer, and better than any yoga I've done before. I think it's safe to say I'm borderline obsessed with this new part of my life. I even created a yoga Pinterest board to see new poses, read inspirational quotes, and browse through the completely over-priced yoga wear. It makes me wish I would have started this years ago. My stress, worry, tension, tiredness is all slowly going away. It's definitely not gone, but I can absolutely notice a difference--and that's only after three classes and some minor work at home. I've been nothing but surprised and satisfied with my short, but definitely long-term yoga experience.  The great thing about yoga, is that anyone can do it--young, old, flexible, stiff, big, small--it doesn't matter. You can stop at any time, rest, drink some water, it's all about YOU and YOUR body. It's amazing that for an hour I don't think about anything but my body, my breathing, my soul. A great teacher will inspire you to do more than you thought you could--and Yoga Flow definitely has some amazing instructors. I'm anxious (in a good way) to learn more, grow with yoga, and get my dang heels on the ground while in downward dog!

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