Friday, December 23, 2011

A Pittsburgh Christmas

I have the wonderful pleasure of working in downtown Pittsburgh 
(which of course comes with the not-so-wonderful rush hour traffic). 
But none the less, it is still pretty neat seeing all the sites in town every day. 
I’ve been downtown in the past for Pittsburgh’s Light-Up Night, 
but never really took in all the beautiful holiday decorations until now. 
During a few lunch breaks I took a stroll around the city and 
snapped some great images of all the holiday decorations. 
Here are my favorites:
The Allegheny County Courthouse aka my work: courtyard Christmas tree, beautiful gallery, holiday choral proagam, and the door to my office!
The beautiful manger set outside the US Steel tower--& it plays music!
Oxford Center.
PPG Place & Market Square--thats me with my cousin, Richie at the ice skating rink!
The City County Building, US Post Office on 4th, a window at Macy's, the Frick Building and BNY Mellon.
One of my favorites in the city, the William Penn Hotel: amazing lobby, gingerbread replica of the hotel, and an outisde banister. This hotel is gorgeous all year-round!

Click on pictures for a larger view.


  1. Wow! Downtown Pittsburg does a really great job at decorating! I'm loving all the lights. :) I hope you had a great Christmas!

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  2. great post honey!!!!
    lots of love to you!!!=D

  3. Thank you! If you ever get the chance, you should definitely visit the city!