Friday, February 18, 2011

South Side House Renovation

The South Side is one of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.
When I'm home you can usually find me there a couple times a week.
There are a ton of trendy bars, restaurants, and stores, with new ones opening each month.
However it is not known for it's housing. Most of the people who live in the South Side are either in college or recent college graduates, so landlords can unfortunately get away with doing very little. I came across these images of a newly remodeled house. I know exactly where this is located and cannot believe how fast he turned the old cement block building into an amazing modern house.
Before Picture

Front Exterior Pittsburgh modern exterior

It definitely sticks out compared to the other houses around it, however this is an up and coming area, and I think this house is exactly what the area needed to really speed up the renovation process.
Hallway Home Office Pittsburgh modern hall

Master Bedroom Pittsburgh modern bedroom

Roof Deck Pittsburgh modern porch

Roof Deck Pittsburgh modern porch

Aquarium Backsplash Pittsburgh modern kitchen

Exterior Night Pittsburgh modern exterior

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