Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Can Never Get a Cup of Tea Large Enough, Or A Book Long Enough to Suit Me

-C.S. Lewis.

It is no question that I love reading.  But what is the one thing that can make this girl even happier that curling up with a good book?  Curling up with a good book and a big cup of tea.  Green tea with a bit of honey to be exact.  A few years ago I tried to pretend that I was a coffee drinker, but that definitely didn't last.  Every now and then I like to get a vanilla latte just to spice things up, but when it comes to my every morning, and often every night drink, nothing soothes me like a cup of tea.

Not only does tea warm you up on a cold day or soothe your throat when you have a cold, but green tea is packed with tons of nutritional value.  I was going to write it all out for you, but then I found this great chart.  Check it out:

Teavana is tea store that has been opening so many new locations over the US.  If you look on their website under the store locator tab, you're sure to find a Teavana near you.  The store offers the biggest variety of tea I have ever seen.  The employees are so knowledgeable about the types of tea, the benefits of drinking tea, and can tell you about all the fun products and accessories they have.   One tea accessory I've seen, and every time I do I say I'm going to buy it, is this Beatles Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser.  

Is that perfect or me or what?


  1. You love The Beatles! Perfect. And I agree, tea just soothes the soul. Period.

  2. I ADORE green tea. Hope you're having a blast as a TLC!! I love when TLCs come to visit so I can ask them all about how ZTA is all over the country. haha.

  3. I've been trying to get myself to love green tea for so long now... but I just can't! I wish I shared your passion ;)