Friday, March 4, 2011

Flat Katie

Have you ever heard of the "Flat Stanley Project?"  It's usually done in elementary school, and the students each make their own Flat Stanley and send it to friends or relatives in another state or country.  They then take the Flat Stanley around their city or town and take pictures of him with famous attractions.  Here's some examples:

So why am I telling you all this?  My four best friends from home recently took a mini-vaca to Washington D.C.  This was the first time I wasn't going on a trip with them and they knew how said I was that I couldn't be there.  Well, Erin had the great idea of creating a "Flat Katie!"  They've been home a couple weeks now and all four of them kept this from me until today!  Those little stinkers.  Erin uploaded her pictures and the first one in the album is of Flat Katie.  I immediately burst into laughter and I still catch myself laughing about it.
Here I am in the car ride to D.C. (I always sit in the back because I'm the worst shotgun driver)
On the train going to do something fun.
Out to dinner with the girls.
Enjoying a much needed glass of wine.
I have the best friends ever!  Thank you for including me and cheering me up!  Only two short months and I will be home; so sadly, Flat Katie will no longer be needed.


  1. Good morning from Tokyo!

    How absolutely sweet and hilarious! You have some great friends, who obviously think the world of you. What great "memories" Flat Katie must have made.

    A lovely weekend to you and yours...