Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jersey Shore, Baby.

No, not that Jersey Shore--I mean the actual shore in New Jersey.
I spent the past week with the Zetas at Monmouth University.  
I had a great visit, and the girls I stayed with are awesome.

The school is not even 10 minutes from the beach--
it was a little chilly, but still pretty to look at.
Monmouth is such a beautiful campus, & the buildings have so much history.  
Did you know part of the original Annie movie was filmed there?
Yup, right on these steps:
Wilson Hall, named after President Wilson, and where Annie was filmed.
Inside Wilson Hall
The garden outside.

The Library was huge--not as pretty inside though.

I miss it there already!  They had their annual philanthropy event "Big Man On Campus" while I was there and raised almost $1500 for breast cancer education and awareness!  

I just got to Rochester Institute of Technology yesterday and I'll be here visiting until Wednesday.

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