Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I go through airport security about once a week.  Some days it's quick and I walk right through the detectors.  Other days, TSA makes me feel like a criminal and does "additional screening" which includes patting me down in a secured area and searching my entire bag.  I'd love to know what they think I'm carrying with me on the plane that make them think this is necessary.  

I have it down pat by now.  I take three plastic bins, one for my coat, shoes, scarf, and jewelry; a second for my personal item and by ziploc bag of liquids; and the third for my computer and iPad.  I always get in the metal detector lane and for some reason I'm always the lucky passenger who gets chosen to go through the full body screen.  I felt so violated this past Friday while going through the Newark airport.  I was wearing a blazer (that was in a plastic bin), a white tank top, tights, and a skirt that tied on my hip.  Apparently it made the scanner go crazy and the TSA agents pulled me aside to a disclosed area and patted down every part of my body.  I've never felt so violated.
For all of you who haven't been through a security check like that before, I wish that you never have to, and if you do... good luck.

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  1. That sounds horrible! Sorry you had to go through that!