Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carolina In My Mind

Who doesn't love some James Taylor?  This has been my theme song this week and will continue to be through the end of April.  I am in my last leg of visits, all four being in South Carolina.  I'm currently at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC and in a few days I'll be heading to the beautiful city of Charleston and visiting the Eta Lambda ladies at the College of Charleston.  I keep hearing so amazing things about this chapter and this town.  I cannot wait.  I got so excited I Googled some pictures...I promise to take lots and show you some of my own once the visit is over!
I've been tallying all sorts of different statistics about my year of travel.  It's all starting to surprise even me! Stay tuned for a post about all the miles I traveled, states I was in, airports, etc.  Get excited!!

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