Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hi I'm Katie, I went to Brown

Just kiddinggg.  Clearly I did not go to Brown, it's just what I've been saying to keep up with all these Ivy Leaguers here at Penn.  Yesterday Shaina (a fellow TLC) accidentally said "zip code" instead of "area code" and the students here were like "UM do you mean area code? ::eye roll::."  Yeah, when you're at one of the best schools in the country you have to be on your game 24/7 unless you want to feel stupid.  

I am LOVING it here.  I wish I would have taken high school more seriously and would have actually been able to attend a school like this.  It makes me feel smarter just being here.  The ZTA chapter is awesome and super excited for their initiation and re-activation this weekend.  For those of you thinking, "huh?  re-activation?" it means that the chapter here at UPenn was once a ZTA chapter, Alpha Beta, but got shut down for one reason or another and is "re-opening" this weekend.  A bunch of Zeta VIZ's (Very Important Zetas) will be here this weekend for the big re-installiation banquet along with us nine TLCs.  SO, that means a very busy weekend ahead.  I might not be able to post for a few days, so until then, enjoy some pics of Penn's campus!

The chapter after flag football.

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