Saturday, April 23, 2011

Only Three Days to Go...

yes, that is three more days until my career as a TLC is over. 
I cannot believe it.  It seems like just yesterday I was waiting over the summer for TLC mail and packages, spending countless hours running around in New Orleans at our Convention, learning EVERYTHING about Zeta at training in Indy, and heading off to my first visit at Valdosta.  Now, I'm at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC anxiously awaiting my Tuesday morning flight home, for good.  

It's such a bittersweet feeling. 

 Bitter because this has been my life for the past 9 1/2 months, constantly on the move, traveling the country, empowering collegiate sorority women, meeting new people, experiencing different things and different cultures, all while learning about the fraternity and learning about myself.  Sweet because I get to see my family and friends, I don't have to miss anymore holidays, birthdays, or weekend trips, I get to have my closet and room back, settle down and find a real job (okay, that might be in the bitter part as well), enjoy summer, go to concerts, and cuddle with Chloe.
          I've compiled a list of some statistics from the past year:
Universities Visited: 26
Overall Visits:  28
Recruitments:  5
Flights:  58
States:  15
States including airports:  19
Colonizations:  1
Initiation Ceremonies:  25
Airports (not including repeats):  31
National Conventions:  1
Zeta Days:  2

Here's some pictures from throughout the year:
At Augusta State on my birthday.
With the Kappa Psi ladies at Kutztown on Bid Day!
Getting ice cream with the ladies of Gamma Kappa at James Madison
With Eastern Carolina's mascot
On the JMU bulldog

Under the arch in St. Louis

At the reactivation banquet at University of Pennsylvania
With the 107th link, Clarion's Delta Iota chapter.

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