Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jeffrey Foucault

This talented artist was recently featured in Pittsburgh’s City Paper. He is described as “a man born into the wrong era.” Um, hello… sounds like someone else I know. Me. Until reading this article, I’ve never heard of Mr. Foucault; but man am I glad I can now add him to my list of new favorites. I spent hours listening to his songs and fell in love with his lyrics. He has a folk-rock sound and love and loneliness are found in his voice and in his words. The kind of love and loneliness that everyone knows, and the kind that inspires you in ways you can’t explain.
I’m pretty bummed I missed his show this past Friday. But don’t you worry Mr. Foucault; you better believe I’ll be on the look-out for you and your next stop in Pittsburgh. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s soon.

Until then, here’s something to pass the time:

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