Monday, January 23, 2012

This Work Space...

is happening. I love it--the cluttered yet clean look of the space is just what I like.
For me, it's important to have color and inspiration surrounding you, but at the
same time I hate when I feel over-cluttered, mainly with junk. 
I recently moved into a new office (new job--more on that to come!) and 
I've spent the past few days gettind rid of any old files, boxes, etc. 
The space not only looks better, but I feel better working there. 
It still has photos, plants, posters for that creative inspiration and the homey feel, 
but all the unnecessary items are now gone. 
I'm also on the look-out for the perfect print to hang in my office--
this one is pretty great, looks like I'll be searcing Etsy for this quote!


  1. i love this work space. i just got a new desk so been looking around for inspiration.

    just found your blog and im following :) xx

  2. Thanks for following! I love your blog and find your "about me" funny because I traveled for my sorority, Tri Sigma, and also found a sense of peace in busy airports and long flights that everyone always thinks I'm crazy for. Congrats on your job!

  3. That looks amazing! We need to put together a desk/workspace in our condo... How wide is that table? we are kind of limited to about 45 inches. Great inspiration!