Thursday, March 1, 2012

Put Your Makeup On, Fix Your Hair Up Pretty, & Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City

I think I listened to Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City every day during the
week leading up to my trip. It was so much fun and so great 
to spend time with amazing friends. My best friend, Kate, planned the trip for
her husbands birthday--we spent Friday night in Philadelphia, nothing too crazy
just went to a local irish bar, played some pool, sang to the juke box--the usual. 
We woke up Saturday, had lunch at Capriotti's, then started our one hour drive to AC. 

It's been years since I've been to Philly or Atlantic City, so I really enjoyed all the sites and seeing all the changes the city has undergone since I was there. A big addition is the Tanger Outlets that were put in--they aren't really all outlets though, H&M, Forever21, and other stores like that are part of the strip. 

I went with the same friends I went to Vegas with this past August. I LOVE Vegas,
and I always hear there are "Vegas people" and "AC people," but you know what, 
I think I'm both. Atlantic City is obviously much more low key, but that's what I like
about it. It has an old fashion feel to it--I'm sure the fact that I haven't been there since I 
started my obsession with Boardwalk Empire helped sway my opinion a bit. 

All-in-all the weather was nice, hotels were nice, casino's were much cheaper, I got to spend time with great friends who I don't see too often, AND I won $300 : ) I took a picture of one of the winning vouchers! First time I've ever won that much--so I came home extra happy!


  1. Uh, NICE! Congrats on the $300!! And you look darling in the photos. So fun!

    Keep Shining,

  2. Totally agree on being both Vegas & Atlantic City people. Being from Jersey I love the low keyness of AC and the hype and bustle of Vegas!