Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite iPAD Apps

I'll admit, I am an Apple geek.  I love my Mac, iPOD, and my most recent addition... my iPAD!  Unfortunately, I don't have the iPhone yet... Verizon, HURRY UP!  My mom and step-dad bought me an iPAD for graduation and I have been in love with it ever since.  It was such a surprise because I didn't even ask for one and had NO idea what I was opening up.  I still travel with my laptop, but the iPAD is perfect for all the traveling I do.  While on the plane I can watch a movie or go from taking notes, to playing games, to reading the news all while listening to itunes or Pandora (thanks to the new software!).  

A lot of people have been asking me questions and what my favorite apps were, so I figured what a great topic to post about!  A lot of the apps are available on both the iPAD and the iPhone; when downloading the app if there is a + symbol on the download button it is available for both.

Here's some of my favs:

1.  Aweditorium--if you're a music fan this app is a must!  All those little pictures are snapshots of awesome bands and artists.  When you click on one it begins to play a video and gives facts while it's playing (think old VH1 pop up video style).  

 2. Flipboard-This is one of my newest apps.  The picture is of the main screen.  My boxes are made up of Twitter, Facebook, FlipTech, FlipPhotos, FlipStyle, FlipHome, Design Sponge, and SPIN Magazine.  You tap the box and it shows all different stories, status updates, pictures, video clips on the same page.  When you want more, you just "flip" over the page!

 3. Post on iPad- Also known as "Gadabout" this is the cutest app ever.  It is filled with different notecards you can email or if you have an iPhone, text to your friends.  There are tons of categories to choose from.  So next time you're sending your friend an email, jazz it up a little bit and send her a note on one of Post's creative designs!

 4. Houzz-If you love design this is the app for you.  The left column is all the different rooms of a house, plus extras!  Design professionals update Houzz with their design books that have all their favorite designs, pictures of rooms, and ideas for you to try.  My favorite part is that you can save the pictures into your own ideabook, so when it comes time for you to design your apartment or house, you can just pull out your iPAD for inspiration!

 5. Logic Box- My sister and I spent hours on this when I was home for break.  It's made up of 6 different logic games (our favorite being Parking Lot), and has over 300 levels.  It gets you thinking and is highly addictive! 

 6. Can Knockdown- My second favorite game on my iPad!  It takes me back to when I was young and would play these kind of games at Kennywood and other amusement parks!  The sound effects are the best part.

7. Pandora- I prefer Pandora on my iPAD more than my computer.  It's very similar, but just cleaned up and doesn't have as much clutter.  With the new iPAD software, if you click the home button fast two times, the bottom bar comes up and you can play Pandora while your browsing the internet, reading, or playing a game.

 8. USA Today- I think the reason I like this so much is because it looks like an actual newspaper!  It offers all the same stories, plus the "Day in Pictures" and lots more charts and graphics.  I read it every morning!

9. Weather Channel Max- After I get done reading "the paper" I check the weather.  You just type in your city (no zip code needed) in the top left corner, and it immediately give you a week forecast, lots of pictures, satellite radar maps, weather warnings, and local stories.  Perfect for all the travel I do!

Do you have an iPAD or an iPhone?  What are your favorite apps?  I'm always looking for new ones so I'd love to know!


  1. I love having Pandora on my IPhone when I get tired of the local DJs I open it up and listen.

  2. ANGRY BIRDS!!!! It is so addicting