Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Overview

I feel like I haven't posted in days...

and that's probably because I haven't posted in days!

On Friday I left St. Louis and headed to Madison, New Jersey for my visit with the ladies at Fairleigh Dickinson.  I'm staying with some of the chapter members and there is NO WIRELESS INTERNET!  Crazy, I know.  So because of that my computer/internet time has been pretty limited. 

Wait until I tell you what I did this weekend.  Some of you might be pretty jealous.  The town of Madison is only about 35 minutes from Manhattan, but sadly we didn't have enough time to visit the city.  Instead I visited Carlo's Bakery aka CAKE BOSS!

Here I am with two of the chapter members outside the bakery!

Some of the cupcakes... I had one of the carrot cake ones--delicious!

We waited outside in line for about an hour, and after another 30 minutes wait inside we finally ordered some treats from this famous bakery.  For those of you who don't know, Carlo's is the bakery featured in the TLC program, 'Cake Boss.'  Apparently on weekends there is always a huge line to get in, but week days you can walk right in.  It's in the cute NJ town of Hoboken (home to a huge St. Patty's Day Parade) and is right across the river from the city so there is an amazing view of the NYC skyline.

I also went to see the indie flick shown at the Sundance Film Festival, 'Blue Valentine,' starring Ryan Gossling (ahhh!) and Michelle Williams (boo).  It was an artsy movie like I expected, but basically showed you the destruction of a relationship.  So for those of you who believe in love and romance and all that stuff--this might not be the movie for you.  Ryan Gossling is always amazing to look at, and he definitely did not let me know in this movie.  Basically, if you can appreciate a good movie for what it's worth, and can deal with the depressing ending (for once a movie had a realistic ending and not happy one simply to please the audience) I recommend seeing it.

The rest of the weekend went well.  My scheduled got switched up a bit and I will now be visiting Old Dominion in Norfolk, VA before heading to Oregon!  As always, I will keep you posted!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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