Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 15 Places I NEED to Visit (in no particular order)

I've been thinking about this for a long time... if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?  I've done some research and think I've figured out my top 15 places (I tried to do 10 but it just wasn't working out).  Each place was so amazing I had trouble actually ranking them.  But then I thought, what's the fun of a "Top 15 Places" list with no top place?  So because of that, my number 1 place was hard thought about and actually is my number one.  The other ones are in no particular order.  

15. Paris, France
--For obvious reasons... who doesn't want to go to Paris?

14. London, England
--I am fascinated with British people.  I love everything about them, their accents, style, class and probably the most important reason... The Beatles!  I would love to explore London and the surrounding areas, but I need to see the site of the historic Abbey Road album cover and Apple Studios

13. Palm Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
--How amazing is this?  I'm sure you can tell it is not natural and is being constructed by a developer from the UAE, but either way I think it's beautiful and worth seeing--or at least flying over!

12. L'Albereta, Erbusco, Lombardy, Italy
--I love the idea of sleeping under the starts.  This hotel is definitely a step up from a sleeping bag in your backyard.  I love sleeping with my window open on a summer night, but couldn't even imagine sleeping in a big cozy bed with the sky as your ceiling.

11. Bethel, New York
--Some of you are probably questioning this one... but if you are a 60s fanatic like me you will know why I want to go here.  It's the site of the infamous music festival, Woodstock!  At the actual site there is just this monument, but close by there is an amazing Woodstock museum filled with memorabilia from the festival and the 60s in general.  It's only an hour from NYC so I have a feeling I'll be visiting soon!
10. Crater Lake National Park, Medford, Oregon
--I'm actually going to a small town in Oregon in about a month for work, but I looked it up on Google Maps and unfortunately Crater Lake is about 4 hours away.  To me, this is a truly 'take your breath away' site.    

9. Santorini, Greece
--This beautiful place is the remains of a volcanic eruption from over 3,600 years ago.  The island surrounds the Agean Sea and the cliff is fairly steep.  I love the architecture, the contrast of the white and bright blue, and the openness of the buildings.

8. Seattle, Washington
--Known for many things including Starbucks, grunge rock and Kurt Cobain, Grey's Anatomy and of course Sleepless in Seattle, Seattle is a wonderful city.  Although it is also known for the constant rain, it is a beautiful port city with lots to offer.

7. Madagascar
--Ok so I'll admit, the movie did spark my interest in this large island.  After looking at real life pictures, I soon realized that the scenery in the movie was pretty spot on!  The island is located off the southeastern coast of Africa and has over 12,000 of the worlds plant species and thousands of animals.  The lemur is one of their most popular!  

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
--This is the largest city in the Netherlands and and is filled with culture.  In the past, these canals were used as the main means of transportation.  Many still exist today, however roads have become the primary means.  Many things that are illegal in most countries, are legal in Amsterdam... I'm sure you can figure out what I'm talking about.

5. Ashford Castle, Ireland
--Every child has a fantasy about living in a castle.  I know I've certainly used to pretend I was a princess living in an extravagant castle.  Visiting Ashford would partly make my dreams come true.  It is now a hotel, so I could stay I temporarily lived in a castle!  Not to mention the gorgeous green hills surrounding the site.  And it's in Ireland!

4. San Francisco, California
--I think by now you know that I love music and the 1960s.  San Francisco has so much history and culture I am just dying to go there.  Between Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, the cable cars, and the place I most want to visit, the legendary 1967 "Summer of Love" Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, you will never be bored during your stay here.

3. China Danxia, China
--I highly recommend looking at more pictures of China Danxia.  These are just two of hundreds of pictures I found, many of which say this is one of the "new" natural wonders of the world.  The red rocks and mountains are unreal, and I just can't get over the houses built into the cliffside!

2. Grindavik, Iceland--The Blue Lagoon
--I LOVE this!  I know you're thinking Iceland, there is no way those people can be warm.  But this lagoon is one of the warmest bodies of water in the world (you can see all the steam!)  The Blue Lagoon is actually a spa/resort in Iceland, and this is part of their outdoor facilities.  

And my number one choice....

1. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
--My maternal grandparent's families are both from Slovakia.  Although the other places on my list are amazing, I just had to put Banska Bystrica at the top.  Not only is it such a historic city, but this is where my family is from.  Banska Bystrica isn't the exact town, which I do hope to visit, but it is filled with history and beautiful sites.  I know my pap would have loved to visit his family here, so I hope to one day fulfill his dream and visit myself.

I hope I've sparked some interest and inspiration with my Top 15 list!  I promise if I ever get to cross a city off my list I will let you know!  What are your top places you want/need to visit?  I'd love to know your dreams and ideas... maybe it will make my list will grown to 20!


  1. One of my good friends was in the Peace Corps in Madagascar & said that it is so beautiful! I also want to go to the UAE, I think it would be a great trip!

  2. My top places are Ireland, Australia, and Egypt. Japan wasn't even on my list until a friend moved there and I get to go in the fall.